Up, up, up she goes! As we progress into 2022, everything is getting more and more expensive. As goods continue to be in short demand, there is an impact on the average American family of ever-increasing prices outpacing what we earn and get paid.

Everyday products seem to rise in cost overnight. So what to do about it? With no predictable end in sight of increasing prices, particularly on food, it might make sense to cut down on the convenience of buying prepared food and tackle making things yourself! For instance, how about baking your bread or cakes & cookies instead! For example, a bag of flour and sugar are still reasonably priced. And you can turn this into a fun activity for the whole family!

When I was growing up, our mom taught us how to make many items at home that we now buy at the grocery store. Birthday cakes, cookies, bread, and even candy were all made from scratch and never purchased at a store. Instead of buying soda pop, we enjoyed gallons of homemade iced tea and lemonade. And everyone in our neighborhood had a vegetable garden to grow salads at home!

Now you might be feeling like this is a task too big to take on. Maybe you think you’re not a good cook and lack confident skills in the kitchen? Well, it’s time to change all that! And if you can get your spouse and family to assist, it makes it more fun and enjoyable! Assign tasks to each person and make an assembly line (this works well when making and decorating cookies). The thing is, most young people can’t even boil an egg! So, now’s the time to teach your youngsters a thing or two!

So, pull out those cookbooks, make a list of ingredients, and get cookin’! Oh, by the way, I work all day and still go home and cook dinner from scratch most nights, and I’d enjoy hearing what you got cookin’ too! You may surprise yourself with how rewarding and delicious a freshly cooked meal tastes!