Who would believe that as our July newsletter goes to print, most of us are still at home, finding safety, solace, and security in our homes. I’ve always loved my home, but now I genuinely appreciate and cherish it. I am still having my early morning coffee in my front yard and saying ‘Good Morning’ to neighbors who are walking, jogging, or walking their dog. We social distance and take all the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. Now the priority is not TP, it’s hand sanitizer. But everyone exchanges that information.

So, the “health” tip this month is taking care of ourselves. It’s a new type of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”.

Some of the ladies have started a “sewing” circle as we literally gather in our cul-de-sac. But this is a special sewing circle. The fabric we use are our memories of things and people gone too soon from our lives. Each person takes a turn and tells stories of loved ones, events, problems, worries, joys, victories, and accomplishments. We laugh. We cry, but we do it together with a new understanding of each person. People can relate as many stories as they choose. When they are finished with sharing their stories, it now comes time to weave their memories all together with a special “thread”. It’s very interesting what each person chooses as their “thread” to weave their life’s memories together. Some choose their mother’s love, their father’s strength, the birth of their children/grandchildren, or marriage to their spouses. When I was asked what was the one thing I missed most about my husband, I realized it wasn’t “one” thing, it was a myriad of wonderful memories. My “thread” to weave it all together was his humor. This becomes your “comforter” which you wrap yourselves up at any time, anywhere, and which cannot be diminished by the world’s troubles.

So, when someone asks you what you miss the most or what you remember the most, maybe it doesn’t come down to that “one” thing. Maybe you can start your own family “sewing circle”. Even if there are sad things, when we make them live again in our memories, I believe we can find a hidden gem to carry on. What a great way to pass along memories from generation to generation before they are lost or forgotten in the busyness of our lives when it returns to “normal”.

Once again, we at American Retirement Advisors pray this finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. Know that we, too, are saddened for any loss. Know also that we sincerely care about you.

So, Until the Next Time, Remember This Time!”