There is only 7 months until next year’s Annual Election Period (AEP) for Medicare. Boy, how time flies. I remember, like it was yesterday, planning for the opportunity of helping thousands of nice folks (in less than 35 working days) to make sure they had the most appropriate plan for 2020. The clock has already started for client care, processing, engineering, and finance to get ready for next year. It seems like we are stuck at a growth rate of 45% annually. Yup, we helped 45% more folks in 2019 than in 2018. We are truly in a rut for the past 3 years; we seem to grow at the same pace. LOL.

In the Medicare space, there are several important insurance companies that concentrate much of the business, with newcomers joining in, and then the latter usually leaving the market (Maricopa County, Arizona) within a couple years.
When I meet with friends around the country, both insurance companies and individual agents, they always say the same thing, WE ARE NUTS! I ask the same question; they give the same answer. I ask how did you fare with your annual reviews for your Medicare clients? I get the same blank stare and the usual answer, just fine. Hmmm. (Hint… annual reviews are apparently not a thing for insurance companies and insurance agents because it is not in their best interest.)

The insurance carriers wonder how we (American Retirement Advisors, 123EasyMedicare, and The Medicare Architects) write so much business with so few advisors. Apparently, according to those that monitor such things, we help more clients than any other firm, per advisor, in the United States.

The agents can’t believe that we stopped doing house calls years ago because we have too many folks that need our help and people are fine driving to our offices or comfortable with a video chat on their computer. When we mention our volume of clients served daily, monthly, and annually, they are in dis-belief that we help so many folks and then also perform complete Medicare plan research for each client at least once a year to make sure they are in the correct spot.

To me, I see it as our responsibility to help those that have given their trust to our advisors and our firm. This is a team built on a single mission, to serve the planning needs of our clients in preparation for and throughout their retirement.

Our advisors are the best in the business as measured by positive reviews, number of clients served, and adhering to our industry gold standard, a carrier agnostic fiduciary model. Our client care is second to none, offering instant answers to clients without the need to wait for their advisor to return a call. Our client care professionals are fully trained Certified Medicare Planners, meaning they are ready to answer questions just like your advisor you met with in person without waiting!