Does anyone remember that song we did with our hands? Well, our hands and fingers need exercise as we age. Why? We lose cartilage and elasticity as we grow older. Plus, we may experience some arthritis in various parts of our bodies. So, here are some hand and finger exercises to help our mobility, increase our range of motion and give some pain or stiffness relief.

Make a fist with your thumb wrapped across your fingers, hold 30-60 seconds then release and spread the fingers wide open.
Gently lay your hand facedown on a flat surface. Stretch out your fingers and gently press down so your hand is flat. Hold for 30-60 seconds and release.

To strengthen your grip, use a softball (not a baseball) Play-Doh® or clay, Squeeze in the palm of your hand and hold for 30-60 seconds. Do not do this if your thumb or other fingers are damaged. I personally like the Play-Doh®, because I can roll it around to further strengthen not only my fingers but my wrist as well.
Thumb Touch. With your thumb, touch the tip of each finger separately. This helps with things like picking up items or writing.
When my hands may feel stiff, I run warm water over them or use a heating pad. This really can help before you start your hand/finger exercises.

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