Its funny that when we were younger, we could not wait for certain “age” milestones to occur so that we would be old enough to do certain things. Now…. how you feel about getting older depends on your perspective, and that perspective makes you… you!
I can distinctly remember that I could not wait to turn age 15 so that I could get my learner’s permit and start to drive. A certain amount of independence came with that milestone, as well as the responsibility. I just remember how excited I was to be able to legally get behind the wheel. Of course, growing up in a rural area, my brothers and I had been driving farm equipment and construction equipment for years, but this was different. This was driving a car on a paved road.

Another milestone was reached as we boys signed up for the military draft when graduating high school. And while I chose to go to university, my brother chose to join the Army and not wait on the chance of getting drafted. Again, we were growing older and it was the first time we were separated for a long period of time.

Fast forward 40 years and now we are cringing at the fact of turning 65, enrolling in Medicare, and figuring out how much longer we are going to work before retiring. When we were age 17, turning 65 in the future was a long way off. But…. here we are. Where did the years go?

My charming bride of 40 years had her birthday recently and I was informed that any reference to what her new age was going to be would be met with a very unfavorable reception. She got nice flowers and a dinner out with no snarky or funny quips about her age (I value my life).

So, what was the event in your life that was a growing older  moment for you? A certain birthday, a special event, or some other milestone? Did it change your perspective? Whatever it was and whoever you were with…. makes you…. you!

As the milestones are passingby, don’t forget to plan for your healthcare, financial retirement needs, and the time to activate your Social Security check for maximum impact. Call us! We can help!