Many people are asking, “should I get the flu shot during the COVID pandemic”? There is no “one” answer for everyone. We strongly suggest you speak to your physician about the circumstances that are specific to you.

Since COVID and the flu both affect our respiratory systems, they can spread easily. COVID has many unknowns and therefore the doctors do not know how or if they may interact with each other. As of this date, there are no vaccines for either. Numerous physicians say that this year is particularly important to get our flu shot so as to minimize the effects. Getting a flu shot will NOT protect someone from contracting COVID. Doctors are also asking everyone who may share living space to get the flu shot to protect everyone in their household.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) advises that COVID is more contagious among certain age groups than the flu. So, they advised it is best to get the flu shot. As we have all heard, again and again, mask up, observe social distancing, and wash your hands frequently. The CDC also says that September and October are generally the best months to get the flu shot.

To sum it up, please talk to your doctor about your circumstances for their recommendation. We here at American Retirement Advisors hope you all will stay safe and be well.

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