Where does the time go. Blink and another year is gone. I can’t wait for the virus to be a thing of the past. Mask-free and moving forward. I know, I know, not yet. but I’m hopeful and optimistic.

By the time you read this, new presidential administration will be in office. Their agenda will be moving to the 100-day race to make an impact.

Some things change, some things never change. We are human. That is our condition. What’s next? My guess is calm will take place. The rhetoric will subside and the “new normal” will slowly take over. The news media will find a new villain to focus their attention on. Half the country will remain happy with their political victory, the other half will regroup and make a run in two and four years with their new crop of candidates.

As for us… we will keep on keeping on, helping clients in their retirement journey. In Arizona, Nevada, and Texas, many things are open and thriving. We eat lunch out every day. Outside only! Not bragging about the great southwestern weather to our clients in the frozen areas of the country. I’m back at the gym. Outside only!

We are planning vacations again. Driving and staying in an RV. The only not-so-normal thing is meeting with clients virtually. Perhaps a politician will re-enact the FCC law from 1949 called “The Fairness Doctrine.” This is what required broadcasters to present two sides of a controversial subject. The goal was a fair and balanced presentation of the facts, so we could make our own decisions. Obviously, updates would be required for the ways in which we receive our information
these days. It would be great to watch the news again without the agendas and rhetoric. I’m open to debate, aren’t you? I would like facts presented, verified, and then we can weigh what we heard and decide.

One can hope!