Wow! It seems the year 2020 is off to a roaring start! Why does the month of January always seem to zip by and then it’s already the second month of the year? February gets us one more month closer to spring. Up in the snow-covered areas of our country there are folks who are already counting the days as they shovel snow and scrape windshields clear of ice.
Sports fans know that their bigger than life football event happens this month on February 2nd as we await the next installment of the Super Bowl! So ……did your team make it? Cheer on!

Much of the mid-west waits in anticipation of Groundhog Day on February 2nd to see if winter weather will be short or drag on into spring. German immigrants brought this holiday with them as they migrated to the State of Pennsylvania. Now, what most people don’t realize is that in Germany it was a Badger that the holiday was built upon. But being in the USA there weren’t many of those around, so it got switched to a ground- hog, and Punxsutawney Phil from Gobbler’s Knob, PA., has been with us ever since.

As we all know, Cupid makes his yearly visit to our loved ones (sometimes anonymously) with flowers and heart-shaped candy boxes every February 14th. This day is spent showering our hearts’ desire with flowers, Champaign, or even a special dinner out. The origins of this holiday are rooted in fertility festivals from the middle ages, although there are more than one Saint Valentine who are remembered on this date.

February 17th is President’s Day, so don’t forget your red, white, and blue!

For all you other party animals, February 25th brings Mardi Gras in the grand old BIG EASY city of New Orleans! Parades, floats, beads, costumes, and the food!!!! Cajun, Creole, Etouffee, Beignets and coffee, Jackson Square, and Jazz!
Something here for every- one, so enjoy February