Christine was an only child and now that her Dad was getting on in years, she wanted him to move closer to her and the grand kids. In fact, they had a bedroom with its own bathroom and closet at their new home which is one reason why she and her husband bought the house. This room would be for Dad.

Dad was delighted to move and be closer to the kids and great grand kids who adored their “Pops.” He loved spending time with them teaching them, long-forgotten board games. Christine’s other main concern was healthcare for Dad as she played the ‘what if’ game in her head. At 87, he wasn’t getting any younger; even though, currently, he was in good health at his age.

As she had just turned 65 and gone through the process of getting Medicare and researching plans, she knew exactly who to call for help in researching a health plan for Dad. American Retirement

As I answered her call, I asked the same question I do several times a day “How can we help?”

After explaining her situation, she volunteered Dad’s prescription medications and what healthcare concerns she had. At 87 years old a Medicare Supplement would be awfully expensive, so she asked for help in selecting an all-inclusive Medicare Advantage plan. In seeing her address, we immediately saw that there was an Advantage plan that offered multiple medical services all in one place that was literally a few blocks away. Plan convenience included a primary care doctor, specialist, optical, hearing, urgent care, and even a drug store in the lobby to fill prescriptions on the way out if a doctor wrote Dad a new script! Not only that, the plan offered dental, and a $200 allowance toward new glasses each year. The plan also included an allowance towards hearing aids. All of the local hospitals were on the plan’s network.

Christine was pleased that she was able to find the exact answer for a health plan for Dad in one phone call! “You made this so easy!” she exclaimed. The advantage plan also covered the six maintenance medications that Dad took daily, and they all had zero copays! As we were ending the call, I could hear the kids in the back- ground laughing about the new board game Pops had taught them. “Chinese Checkers”! As I hung up the phone, I tried to remember the last time I played that game myself!

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