My monthly column is typically focused on the government. Not about this party or that party. But more my interpretation of how our country is doing. However, the current “cancel culture,” death threats, and other dramatic responses that come from just sharing opinions these days have me considering changing my “interpretation” tune. Feedback, opinions, and interpretations can be perceived as critical interactions.

So, while it seems like there is a long list of ‘don’t talk about’ topics, let’s focus on government topics we can talk about.

Like, I can talk about how the Federal Medicare program helps thousands of our clients sleep better at night knowing that have a health care solution they can count on. I can talk about how the Social Security program allows us to create unique claiming strategies to optimize our clients lifetime income streams.

And I can talk about government retirement programs that provide our planning teams opportunities to leverage existing regulations to create individualized solutions for folks building retirement plans.

So, while we may continue to struggle to vocalize having a different opinion about some things. Why can’t we discuss things in a rational manner? Why can’t we agree to disagree?

Quick answer.
We can. That’s what makes America a GREAT PLACE TO LIVE