Stan and Jackie have been clients for five years and read the American Retirement Advisor Newsletter each month to keep abreast of the changes in Medicare and financial and safety tips highlighted each month. For example, last month’s newsletter reminded them about Medicare’s Annual Election Period (AEP) that happens each year.

Jackie was perusing the latest edition and calmly asked Stan if he had replied to the emails, we send out to each client this time of year to get updated prescription lists. In addition, we do research based on your answers to ensure each client is on the most appropriate drug plan for the coming year because plans change every year even if YOUR needs don’t.

“Humm,” Stan replied absent-mindedly. “I don’t remember. What does it matter anyway since we both only take a few generic medications? I’m sure we are fine for next year.”Jackie responded, “I remember when we met with David, he said it was important to check our plan every year. So I’d feel better if we sent our lists and completed the reply. I’ll grab our medications to help.” Stan completed his response and then Jackie sent hers and awaited a recommendation in the days to follow.

The couple was pleasantly surprised by the research response they received. “Holy Crap!” He exclaimed. “David’s research team just answered our email. We need to schedule an appointment ASAP as the premium for the Part D Prescription Drug plan we are on is going to increase from $14 a month to $56a month.” “HOW MUCH!?!?” Jackie could not believe her ears.

They made phone appointments to review their options for 2022 Part D drug plan changes and were again surprised to learn that just by shopping plans, they were going to save close to $1,000 next year.

HURRY!!! If you haven’t already, be sure to respond to our AEP emails sent last month so we can help you avoid surprises in 2022!

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