We are in a different world because the world we live in is always changing. What we are going through as a planet, we will get through. Agendas will be pushed from the left and the right, as they always have been. We will see the same things in the news as we always have in the past.

Some things are different! Folks that have been tech adverse are finally turning on their computers and tablets, learning how to click to attend a video chat. Folks are buying groceries online. Shopping via ETSY for locally made crafts and necessities has never been more popular. A primary care doctor visit is only available via telemedicine. Meetings with your financial professional are only online. Buying a car has never been more convenient, with dealers coming to the house with the car of your choice. I’m not talking fancy cars; all dealers have home delivery and test drives.

Innovation is happening. Transforming how we do our everyday activities is evolving. Schools adapted quickly, providing every kid with tablets and laptops in many school districts. The cellphone services gave unlimited cellular Wi-Fi to help, as well. Kids can participate in school, socialize, and learn from home or … what if their parents were able… take an RV trip for a month and see the national parks and the kids could keep up with their studies and classmates virtually? What if the parents were fortunate enough to work remotely and explore America? In many cases, this is a new reality.

Change happens, how will you participate? National political conventions are soon to happen. It is highly likely they will be a digital experience. If done well, attendance and participation may be higher than ever before in history for many reasons, but a digital experience is open to everyone, not just the fortunate few that can travel to a specific location and pay a ton of money to cover the expenses.

Our business has been limited by time and distance in the past for over a hundred years. Not by us, but by our clients. This pandemic has forced people to expand their normal comfort zones and explore and expand the possibilities. I look forward to the new normal and the opportunities to connect with people all over our great country as we move forward.

I look forward to guiding our companies toward our new motto “People helping people in a digital world.” TM