It’s been sooooo long since most folks have traveled. I don’t mean to go visit the kids or your parents. That’s important. But I’m talking about just getting away. A real vacation. I know, my wife and I, are getting out of the heat for a week and going to Colorado for some cool air. So, how does a travel article wind up in the Financial Tip article, you ask? Well, the question is, can your retirement income plan handle the travel? Fuel prices are really getting high. Rental car prices are absolutely insane. Honestly, have you seen rental car prices? There are some ways to get some real discounts to help. You probably know the usual suspects. AAA, Costco and Sam’s Club, AARP and AMAC. Points from your credit card. (That’s a big one for me.) My Southwest
Airlines card through Chase Bank racks up the points quite nicely. I even have a companion pass so my wife flies free with me. You just must use the card forEVERYTHING. Don’t forget to join the hotel’s loyalty program before you book your stay. Most hotels have better rates and extra perks for reward members. Also, check travel routes when you fly. I flew one of my sons from Burbank to Tampa, but it was only about half the price when I added a stop in Las Vegas. I saved about 350 bucks.

Now, all of that being said, you still need to determine what your retirement nest egg can handle. If you like to travel and are able, you should build it into your retirement income plan. What’s that? You don’t have a retirement income plan? Well, you’re in luck. We specialize in Retirement Income Planning. Our advisors would be happy to have a consultative meeting to build you your own plan, tailored to your wants and needs so that you don’t have to worry. Of course, there’s never a charge.

Stay cool! Cheers!