Boo who? I do not know and that is the problem.

Who can you trust these days? What sources do we have to make good decisions? Again, I say Boo. The WHO and the CDC cannot agree. The President may know something we do not know, but he is not an epidemiologist, and neither are the leaders of the house and senate. The news still operates under “if it bleeds it leads”, so it is not in their best interest to dig too deep into a story.

I’m frustrated, aren’t you?

Mask on? Mask off? Well, at least gloves are not a thing anymore. That was weird for sure!

I have to say, we have been eating out much more often. Sitting outside only! Got to be safe you know. The shelves in the stores big and small appear to be near fully stocked. My wife’s favorite toilet paper is available and no longer rationed. Whew, that’s a huge relief!

We meet with folks every day; yes, still virtually, either choosing to retire early or losing their jobs. I wish I could wave a magic wand and return us to the euphoria of December 2019! The market was fine, and unemployment was at the lowest in American history. The economy was booming. Folks were simply happy.
I truly feel for those whose jobs have evaporated. For those whose hours were cut. For those that took early retirement to avoid catching something, we cannot see or touch. It’s just awful!

We at American Retirement Advisors are so blessed to be insulated from this mess. We are so fortunate to be able to help folks throughout our great country. We have even hired new employees during this period. So BOOOO! I guess I can wear my mask for Halloween when we dress up in the office. I’ll be a doctor; yup, that will work!

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