Have you ever had one of those experiences of all-inclusive resorts, or you attended a function where everything is free? Did you overindulge? Eat and drink too much? How you reacted to that situation makes you…. you!

While at an all-inclusive resort recently, I always got a kick out of people-watching. The young couple on their honeymoon, people attending a company retreat or awards trip they won from their employer, people with kids, older folks with no kids, etc., etc. How all these different folks react to the all-you-can-eat and drink is as varied as the folks attending the resort.

Some people pace themselves; others dive in and overindulge by eating everything they can get their hands on, food or drink. Some folks can handle this opportunity with the intent it was meant to be, while others wind up wasting an incredible amount of food.
I was amazed (somewhat humorously) by the overzealous parents with two young kids in that they wanted to make sure they did every single activity that was free. They had themselves and their kids absolutely scheduled to death from the time they got up to the time they went to bed every day of their vacation! Snorkeling at 8:30 a.m., the 11:00 a.m. nature hike, lunch at noon, how to arrange flowers at 1:00 p.m., shuffleboard at 3:00, pool aerobics at 4:30, dinner and show at 8:00.m. When we saw them running from activity to activity, we could only wonder was it intentional to wear the kids out, or were the parents just that frantic to make sure they got their money’s worth?

In some cases, the ‘all you want for free’ is a great thing. When is the last time you had that opportunity? Who was with you, where was it? Did you get what you expected or were you disappointed?

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