Happy April Fools’ Day! Most of us have a warm fuzzy (or funny) memory of a prank played on us during this special day each year, so I hope you have a good giggle of some memory of a family member or good friend and ……what was the joke? But April is not only for a day of jokes, as there are many other special days for the month of April.

On the serious side, it’s the month many Americans dread each year, as we get to pay our yearly tax bill. But in some cases, it’s also a great time of year as many receive a tax refund check! Ahhh…. the pros and cons and ebb and flow of good vs. evil! Which one do you fall into?

We also have Easter Sunday that falls on the 21st this year. Religious sunrise services, and, of course, the other member of this day as the Easter Bunny hides his eggs for the annual Easter Egg Hunt! Love those chocolate bunnies!

Let’s not forget our office staff on the 24th for “Administrative Professional Day”! Time for a special lunch or maybe some flowers on the desk of your ‘attention-to-detail’Admin at the office that makes our business lives much easier to deal with, as they screen calls to protect us and take care of all those little nagging details that keep your day from unraveling. Appreciate them with a treat!

And for our tree hugger friends, it’s “Arbor Day” on the 26th (last Friday of the month). Plant a new tree or join in and
volunteer for a cleanup day in your local neighborhood. Keep American beautiful!

Got a daughter? Remember, the 25th this year (4th Thursday of the month) is “take your daughter to work day”. This is an opportunity to show your kids that “no, money doesn’t grow on trees”, Mommy or Daddy work for it! Get them involved and let them help! It’s Spring! So, pick one of the wonderful opportunities and enjoy April!