Celebrating May has been around since ancient times, so basically, folks have loved this month for a long time and for plenty of good reasons!

This month in 1707 the countries of England and Scotland joined, creating the United Kingdom; with this union, we have the modern day Union Jack flag.

Mother Jones, a labor union leader, was born this month and spent her life making working conditions better for American workers as well as placing restrictions on child labor. This woman has an incredible story if you have never read about her.

Our Mexican neighbors celebrate Cinco de Mayo as their Independence Day from the invading French forces of Napoleon III. Viva La Mexico!

Decoration Day started as we remembered our fallen heroes in the Civil War and then expanded to the remembrance of our WWI heroes. This remembrance has turned into our modern-day Memorial Day where we celebrate all our fallen heroes who have kept the free in freedom!

May 1961 is when we saw Alan Shepard launch into space as the first American to do so. May is the birth month of many of our famous and loved historical folks. Composer Johannes Brahms, Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, American Poet Archibald MacLeish, Red Cross founder Henri Dunant, President Harry S. Truman, and songwriter Irvin Berlin were all born. And Margret Mitchell wins the Pulitzer Prize for writing “Gone with the Wind”.

Are you a breakfast fan of “Cheerios”? May 1941 saw the first cereal boxes to hit grocery stores.
Movie buff?

The Academy of Motion Pictures is founded in May 1934.

May 1889 saw the start of the Paris Exposition with the grand opening of the Eiffel Tower. The U.S. Post office is established in May 1794.

Coca Cola is invented by Pharmacist John S. Pemberton in May 1886. The “secret formula” is still a secret.

President Lincoln establishes the U.S. Department of Agriculture in May 1862.

May 1884 saw the premiere of the Ringling Brother’s circus.

Not only is May a springtime month we look forward to every year, but there are also many fun and interesting things that happened in May throughout history!