As you go through life were there occasions where things didn’t always go as planned and when something happened, it sort of annoyed you? Maybe you were feeling hassled, or just plain put out? How you reacted to these situations made you….you!

Ok, now just think about this for a second, because a second is about all it takes to push your memory button to the last bad experience you had that upset your apple cart. Where were you? Who were you with? And exactly what was the incident? Most time it’s easy to remember a bad incident while we have to consciously make an effort to remember the good things that we take for granted.

I recently had a double dose of being hassled as we were visiting Mexico. I was pulled over by the local police. It was broad daylight, I wasn’t speeding, and I thought to myself, OK, be cool, you didn’t do anything wrong. The officer demanded my driver’s license and registration which is the universal greeting from police everywhere. In broken English and my poor Spanish, we communicated, and it appears I was pulled over for not having a license plate on the front of my car. I explained that in Arizona we only get one plate for the rear of the car. The officer didn’t bat an eyelash and simply said, “In Mexico we require both front and rear.” His meaning was clear. He didn’t care what it was in the U.S.A., if I drive my U.S.A. car in Mexico, I need both tags, or they will give me a ticket. He gave us a warning, but I could not help but feel he knew we were tourists and was just giving us a hard time.

A few days later, while coming across the Mexico/U.S.A. border, it was the American police’s turn to hassle us. Seems our Global Entry was registered for air travel, but not land travel. Of course, for this small infraction they took everything out of our car while they ran us through whatever computer system to make sure we weren’t wanted criminals. “OK, you can go,” the officer stated after not finding anything. Of course, I got the privilege of re- loading the car of all our belongings, with no assistance. I felt hassled for nothing.

While driving the rest of the way home, my charming bride of 38 years reminded me that it could have been worse. We had made over a hundred trips in foreign countries and for the most part we’ve never had any trouble. We should be grateful of a safe trip coming home in one piece. It’s funny how a gentle word from your spouse makes you calm. And of course, she was right.

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