Our responsibility as advisors is to become your advocate. As a member of your team we work together to meet your needs surrounding the subject of retirement. Many people will live longer in their retirement years than they did in their working years.
As such, planning in and around retirement is typically more important than the plan that got you to retirement. In retirement a couple of critical differences exist. You most likely have what you have, are not working any longer, are not contributing to savings, and can’t afford to lose a nickel of your hard-earned savings.
Taking care of pre- and post-retirees is all we do. We are a specialized firm focused on the preservation of your life-long savings. The Advisors:Sharon Colbert-Groves plays a dual role at our firm. As a planner she assists our clients with selecting their Medicare plans, and as our Client Care Manager, she reaches out to just about every one of our clients just to say Hi and answer their questions. If you’ve had contact with our office, chances are you’ve already spoken with her, or will soon! Monica Chipman is one of our Associate Brokers and is focused on assisting those in the workforce with making a smooth transition to Medicare and Retirement. She shares all your options so that you can make an informed decision! David S. Edge our Executive V.P. brings over 30 years of financial services experience to our firm. When David is not assisting clients with Medicare or Financial Planning he wears several other hats as he teaches our workshops, writes and contributes to our blog, newsletter, and radio show. David is very big on what he calls “Fact Based Decision Making”. Dianna Harbaugh another Associate advisor is one of the most caring individuals you’ll ever meet. Not only is she certified with every Medicare carrier, she plans for every contingency in our client’s life including long term care, legacy and lifelong income. Trudy Mercante is an accomplished public speaker and a top notch advisor. She is focused on Medicare and long term care planning.